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A Letter for my Bonus Parents,

This letter is strictly for the bonus parents who are actively loving and caring for a child that is not biologically yours.

I’m sorry I have to be pacific due to having some bum bonus parents out there too.

Bonus parents rarely get recognition & gratitude for the special heart they possess.

Due to ungratefulness & hurtful feelings some immature parents view bonus parents as parent replacement.

This is simply not the case.

Bonus parents are aware, when we date someone, they have children, we can’t love, and care for them without doing the same for the children.

It’s simply a package deal.

To find an individual who will love our children just as much as they love their own is rare now days.

This is why I label bonus parents as special.  

Bonus parents are there to assist, provide, form positive relationships, and love the children just as much as their own.

If the absentee parent hold any grudges or mix feelings it would be smart to have an adult positive conversation to deaden any negativity that may fester in biological parent heart.

It seems like people assume that folks out here are taking care of other people children just because.

If biological parent is properly participating regularly in their parenting duties of caring for their child/children.

There is no way shape or form anything bad can come out of a child or children having more than 2 parents.

Instead of passing judgment on bonus parent, why not give them a hand, and pitch in more often physically & financially when it comes to raising your child/children.

It only seems fair.

Incorporate a gift.

Real bonus parent’s you guys earned it!

Biological parents how about talk to your children so they can get on board.

Most of the times if the children have mixed emotions it stems from the biological parent feelings and actions.

If the child/children see that the biological parent is happy, respectful, and cool with the setup the child will accept the order.

The child will also respect the bonus parent for the position they have as an extra parent.

Winning over a child takes, time, patience, and understanding.

If you are the adult you have an upper hand to guide the child.

With that being said kudos bonus parents! You guys rock and deserve the best!

Yours truly

Jeffries Childcare

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