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A Unique 24Hour Daycare

A 24hour daycare is a childcare business that is license through your state to nurture children any day or time of the week. Many believe in view of a 24hour daycare doesn’t operate with an open/close time. This is not true. It depends on the parents scheduling enrolled at the facility that determines daily/weekly open and closed times. Even though the daycare is considered a 24hour organization the state still limit the amount of children the facility can care for. Example our site is licensed for 16 children. Our entire daycare is dedicated to observe children by giving more space and opportunity. The fact that no one lives at our business site plays a big part in our child to staff ratio. Most family child care homes, the provider, and their family live onsite with the daycare business. On a regular business day our daycare site can care for 16 children per shift with the correct amount of staffing to approve the ratio.

Not all daycares run their 24hour facility the same. We specialize in structure and organization never inconveniencing any parents enrolled. Nor do we accept all parents. Parents worst nightmare is being crippled in life by not having proper childcare in order. The danger of getting hired for a new job position and can’t accept it due to lack of or don’t have support from family/friends.  We do not take on more than we can chew. Unlike some facilities approving all parents with lack of staffing with results of tardiness or call offs. Parents choose 24hour daycares due to traditional daycares 6am-6pm Monday-Friday not able to welcome all shifts.

In order for our site to approve parent’s enrollment we must have other children on shift to bring in enough income to satisfy the daycare expenses. What does that mean? If we have one child on shift we will explore other childcare alternatives for the parent to seek affordable accommodations. Accepting one child for the amount of $25 or less to care for 8 hours or more will put daycare in a deficit. It is our obligation to provide cost-effective childcare by not allowing our daycare to fall through the cracks due to greed.

We additionally care for children age’s 6weeks-13years of age. Making it convenient for parents with large families to attend one location. We provide after school care assisting elementary children with homework assignments. Our facility is depicted as ice cream with different toppings to entertain your taste buds! Believe me when I say there’s nothing better after locating an awesome 24hour childcare establishment that is mind blowing!

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