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Affordable Child Care-$65/Week

Searching for an affordable child care facility that is right under your nose hairs but due to prejudgments it’s often overlooked and undervalued.  With so many daycares labeled as expensive, you get lost in the unknown possibility of the existence of cost-effective child care services near you.  While many don’t understand you pay for the expenses rather past or present.  Building cost, employees, education, taxes, food reimbursement, supplies, insurance, etc.  The more expenses the child care provider obtains the higher the daycare cost. With that being said seeking authentic child care providers, who keep their expenses low, not living above their means, and work for themselves instead of relying on others is accessible. Opening sites in locations that are less expensive as opposed to overpriced and fancy. This is how our daycare facility birthed the child care assistance program. We focused on a safe environment that is designed & created for children to socialize in small settings. We offer flexible hours and transportation with charge. We are state license, with competitive prices, e-learning compatible, and offer various age-appropriate activities. The program is arranged to cater to working parents who can’t afford steep child care prices while on the waiting list for state child care funding. Working parents aren’t considered as priority directing them to an extensive waiting list. Remaining on the resting list (what I like to call it) for as long as a couple of years before they are called for an appointment. Making it impossible to keep employment active due to outrageous child care costs. Depending on non-reliable family & friends becomes slim to none. Our facility understands the importance of safety & modest cost for both the parent and the provider. The child care assistance program is created for children 2 years and up, babies not included, $65/week, no more than 40 hours Monday-Friday, excludes weekends and maintains the same shift. In addition, incorporating a multiple child discount. Slots are limited to 1st come 1st served with proper documentation. If interested please don’t hesitate to call & take advantage of the awesome opportunity that supports you at 219-949-6574.

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