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Build, Learn, & Grow Scholarship

Attention all parents!

Is your employment considered an essential business through the state of Indiana?

Did you know that the state of Indiana have a new program that assist parents with childcare? This is for essential employees only! Due to covid taking a toll on most working parents the state designed a program that will pay for monthly childcare expenses. Now this scholarship funding is for parents who do not qualify for Ccdf funding. The program will pay 80, 60, or 20% of childcare expenses up until March of 2022. Parents are qualified with current check stubs and other appropriate documents.

Now for the parents who are below income proverty guidelines. As long as your employment is considered an essential business. With proper documentation you will qualify for childcare assistance without the troubles of the waiting list. Yes that’s right! No waiting list. You guys have went from non priority to 1st priority. The daycare must be in good standing with the state of Indiana, eligible to accept CCDF funding, complete the build, learn, grow scholarship training, and confirm eligibility of families.

Parents who do not have access to computer, internet, fax machine, or scanning can come to 2248 Whitcomb St. Gary Indiana 46404 with all documents and we will take care of you! Before you come you must call 219-949-6574 and speak with Taralynn due to pick ups and drop offs.

Families who do not qualify for state vouchers due to exceeding income guidelines. You guys must complete your package with daycare chosen in order to receive childcare assistance. Look below to see what is needed.

Childcare provider will determine if your employer is considered an essential business through the state of Indiana

Next parent will complete an application for each child needed for assistance

Copy of parent identification

Parent must provide current last 2 check stubs if paid bi/weekly

If paid every week parent must provide current last 4 pay stubs

Birth certificates & current shot records for all children

CCDF recipients

Parents will only go to this site if you never received Ccdf in the past otherwise if you have received Ccdf in the past it’s a different process…You must call 855-533-7342 or go to and fill out the pre-application.

New Ccdf parents…go to create an account, upload documents needed, and you must have a chosen daycare provider with a completed GNH form from the daycare.

After filling out application, submitting all the documents parent must go to to, and schedule an appointment with local CCDF Office either by person or telephone.

If parent is approved ccdf will issue vouchers that parent must give to daycare provider. These childcare voucher will be good for 53 weeks of childcare.

Last but not least if your attending school yes you will qualify for childcare assistance too!

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