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Should Children Who Bully Other Children Attend the Same School as Non Bullying Children?

No! No! Heck no! Diablos no! Diable non!

1st let’s start by giving the meaning of bullying.  A person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those they perceive as vulnerable.  Bullying is definitely a learned behavior.  Children learn how to bully from abusive relationships they see parents in, television shows, music, family/friends, siblings, adults, the internet, etc.

Why separate the bullies?

Either you teach the children ways to change the bullying behavior or children should attend a school where bullies are only allowed.  Bullying is a learned violent behavior.  Believe it or not, all families aren’t toxic, abusive physically verbally mentally, and/or not taught to harm others.  Children who are bullied become stressed, suicidal, unhappy, depressed, singled out, helpless, etc.  For a child to desire to end their life or actually take their life due to bullying will never sit well with me.  Separating the bullies from the non-bullies can possibly change bullies’ views & actions in life.  Bullying is not under control when schools have bullying hotlines.  Children should attend schools to receive an education not to run or fight others.  

How can a child focus on learning if they are being abused or tortured daily?

Why tell their parents/teacher? Children are taught snitches get stitches. Don’t be a tattle teller.

Children are taking matters into their own hands, bringing weapons to schools, to harm those who harm them.

How many times a report is written, the suspension is given, detention is available, contacting parents is a must but, still fails with little results?

When children attend school they should feel protected. How is that possible with bullying?

I’m a product of bullying. These are some ways I handled it as a child.

Never told

Ran from the predators

Tried to be friends/associates with predators

Started physically fighting

Hated going to school

Felt alone or different

Started acting out with bad behavior

You form a tough exterior that still follows you to this day.  Judging a book by its cover is what it’s called.  Many adults ask why I never smile not knowing the pain behind the hurt from bullying in my life.  Bullying doesn’t stop in childhood sad to say many adults are bullies.  Bullying creates a complex for a child that sometimes follows them within their adulthood.  

Adults tell children they can be whatever they like in life.  This isn’t 100% true if being themselves causes hurt & pain.  Children are viewed as weak or not strong if they don’t adapt to the violent behaviors of others. Children who bully should be held responsible for their actions.  When hurting others there are bad consequences behind the action.

Parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions.  Children learn a lot from home.  Rather it’s intentionally or unintentionally it’s still a taught behavior.  Find out where your child’s bullying behavior stems from and correct it before it’s too late.

Ways adults teach children to handle bullying:

Tell someone- viewed as snitching

Walk away- viewed as weak

Talk it out bully’s aren’t in agreement status

Ignore- it’s definitely only so much a child can ignore

Call/report on bullying hotline- viewed as snitching

Attend bullying anonymous classes

Simply fight back physically

Bullies’ actions (Are you a bully?)

Physical harm


Verbally & emotionally abusive

Taking things that don’t belong to bullies

Destroying non-bullies items

Taking lunch/money without permission or out of force

Bullies get everyone they can to side with them

Speaking negatively about non-bullies appearance 

Attention if you are a parent of a bully l recommend you dial 1-800-please get your child some help! Some parents don’t have their children here anymore due to bullying.

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