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Stop Abuse…

Stop accepting abusive behaviors & hold those accountable.

Stop associating abuse as a way of showing love.

Stop letting toxic adults teach your children how to abuse.

Stop abusing by speaking to others with disrespect.

Stop abusing by blaming others for your actions.

Stop abusing by controlling.

Stop abusing with fighting or killing.

Stop abusing with belittling & harassing.

Stop abusing by using manipulation.

Stop abusing by seeking revenge.

Stop abusing by consistently lying.

Stop abusing & justifying with reasons.

Stop abusing because you were abused.

Stop abusing by calling out others actions & never your own.

Stop abusing because you can’t communicate effectively.

Stop abusing because you choose not to provide.

Stop abusing because you’re frustrated and overwhelmed.

Stop abusing by not taking care of your children.

Stop abusing wanting to see others in pain.

Stop abusing due to you need to be right.

Stop abusing privileges.

Stop abusing due to lack of problem solving.

Stop abusing by threats and intimidation.

Stop abusing due to generational habits.

Stop abusing as a result of you not getting your way.

Stop abusing because hurt people hurt.

Stop abusing due to your lack of understanding.

Stop abusing because you have a weapon.

Stop abusing by slandering peoples character.

Stop abusing to show others how tough you are.

Stop abusing because it’s in your bloodline.

Stop abusing by taking advantage.

Stop abusing with calling Cps making up false allegations.

Stop abusing using hate.

Stop abusing by holding grudges.

Stop abusing by mistreating others.

Stop abusing and taking it out on kids.

Stop abusing against your own culture.

Stop abusing, acting as if you want to be part of your child life, but your action shows different.

Stop abusing using nice words with angry actions.

Stop abusing by telling others you have anger issues.

Stop abusing by not having self control.

Stop abusing by leading people on.

Stop abusing using mind games.

Stop abusing with using unhealthy voice tones & harsh words.

Stop abusing because you’re afraid to be yourself.

Stop abusing as a result of someone made you mad.

Stop abusing due to following the wrong crowd.

Stop abusing using vulnerable people.

Stop abusing bringing negativity to others life.

Stop abusing because you choose not to follow rules & directions.

We all are guilty of a couple of these some intentionally & some unintentionally.  The solution is to change the action. We all are in the business of teaching others rather you agree or not. We should all ask ourselves what exactly are we teaching?  Will it hinder a person’s future or become beneficial towards their present?

Break the cycle, start a new one, that can be useful for yourself, and others too!

Change the generational habits, traits, characteristics, and mannerisms!

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