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Understanding CCDF Voucher Program Overage: A Guide to Indiana's Childcare Assistance Program

CCDF is an Indiana state program that helps low-income parents by providing childcare assistance for those who can't afford daycare services. This excellent program supports single-working parents, easing a significant stress factor in their lives. However, some may get confused about the program's financial responsibility, mistakenly thinking it covers 100% of childcare expenses. This is where the concept of "overage" comes into play.

CCDF issues vouchers for 50 hours of childcare per week to parents who work full-time. They ask parents about their commute hours to determine the appropriate voucher. However, it's important for parents to understand CCDF voucher program overage doesn't cover the entire cost of those 50-plus hours. A portion of the childcare expense is left for the parents to pay out of pocket, which is called "Overage."

In some unfortunate cases, daycares located in certain cities, like Gary, Indiana, may not receive the same or higher reimbursement as daycares in other areas located in Lake County, Indiana. To receive more state reimbursement, daycares in Gary, Indiana, may need to enroll in programs like "Path to Quality" or transform their daycare into a center or preschool environment.

One advantage of small private daycares, like Jeffries Childcare, is that they can accommodate entire families in one facility, offering care for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years.

For example, A parent has a weekly voucher for 50 hours of childcare, paying $25 a day for 10 hours, totaling $125 per week. However, the daycare charges $35 per day for 10 hours, totaling $175 per week. The additional $50 per week is the overage that the parent needs to cover.

To avoid paying the overage, the parent can ask the daycare to reduce the hours to 40 per week, which the voucher will fully cover. However, it's essential to distinguish the overage from any co-payment, a separate fee that some parents may have to pay.

Please note that the overage fee is not per family but per child attending daycare for 50 hours a week. Some daycares may be willing to help parents who can't afford the overage, collaborating to find a solution that works for both parties.

In summary, CCDF overage is the portion of childcare expenses not covered by the program, and understanding this aspect can help parents plan and utilize the program's assistance effectively.

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