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Unforgettable & Moist with Extraordinary Childcare

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Jeffries 24Hour Childcare is staggering with spunk and strengthens by the growth of children. Devoting your life to working with children allows you to stay powered up and stricken with creativity. A unique desire to dedicate your entire business operation around the world of little people. Hello, my name is Taralynn and I’m the owner of this “free will with structure” stomping grounds. A free-will daycare is a facility that grants children the opportunity to participate in activities of their choice with respect to themselves and others. The daycare understands that all children aren’t the same. Some children may not want to participate in other forms of entertainment. Giving them free will to an activity of their liking always works. I’m a big believer in creativity. In order to stress the importance of showing is better than telling. I organize my techniques by distributing age-appropriate activities. A variety of activities will help children figure out what to do with their thoughts. Stimulate their mind and learn how to focus and concentrate. Display their creativity and set them apart from others. Teach them how to count and identify colors. Focus on teamwork and how to execute as a team leader. Exercise and use the muscles that may not get attention on a regular. Children love to see visuals of the work they completed and pictures remind them of the love they receive.

Not only is Jeffries Childcare a free will daycare, but it's also 24hours, and licensed for children starting at 6 weeks-13 years of age. This will allow large families to be together at one location. Babies are not in contact with the other children except in viewing. Our daycare offers transportation and assists with homework for after school kiddos. The focal point with school-age children is teaching priorities, proper guidance, following directions, listening, etc. At my facility, it’s hard for children to blurt out the statement “it’s boring” when there’s an abundance of entertainment to stimulate their mindset. I have been in business for the past 18 years, have cared for thousands of children, and never any write-ups or probations. I definitely have the expertise and experience needed to care for little ones. Our daycare is certainly a safe haven. In the past, I used my knowledge to guide individuals to become childcare assistants. This included my daughter, who works with me, knows how to run our family business, and is state qualified. A lot of home daycares are based inside the residence that the owner lives in. Not Jeffries 24Hour Childcare. It’s a home-based facility and is 100% committed to the daycare children.


Oct 13, 2020

Well thank you sugar lump!!😚


Great, safe environment for the kids. I work 10 hour days during the week, they are at the daycare most of the day, and no complaints from me or the kids. They look forward to going and sometimes a little sad when it’s time to go home. The Staff is excellent and makes it a fun time for them! 10/10 I recommend!

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